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Annuals:  Zinnias
Annuals: Zinnias

Annual Flowers

Annuals are great to use in between your perennials to fill in any bare spaces.

Technically, an annual is any plant that completes its life cycle in one growing season.? So these plants grow, flower, and go to seed in one season only.? Some annuals will provide lots of seedlings the following year such as portulaca.? Others are not so prolific.??

I love annuals and always have some around

Geranium 'Patriot Bright Red'

Nice bright red geranium that is cutting produced.? These blooms are long lasting unlike? many of the cheaper seed grown types.

Available Now in 4" pots $2.99

Sophia Dwarf  Marigold Reaches 12" tall
Sophia Dwarf Marigold Reaches 12" tall

Marigold 'Sophia Mix'?

Sophia mix is a smaller growing marigold with a lot of bang for your buck.? This has been a favorite of mine for 30 years.? This is a mixture of orange, red, and yellow.


  • Full sun
  • Reaches about 12" tall
  • Deters some pests
  • Deadheading keeps plants nice and tidy