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Mazus reptans
Mazus reptans

Mazus reptans

A fast growing groundcover for partial sun or sun, Mazus will fill in an area quickly and can complete with pretty aggressive weeds and grasses.

8" Pan Available Now $5.00

  • creeping
  • spring bloomer
  • vigorous and fast growing
  • part shade or sun
Ceratostigma p
Ceratostigma p

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort)

An interesting goundcover of sorts, though growth is somewhat slow in the spring and this plant is not evergreen.? But the profuse indigo blue blooms more than make up for it.??


  • Low growing to about 8"
  • Slow to start growth in the spring
  • Deer resistant
  • Long season of bloom
  • Orange fall coloring