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Abelia g. 'Robert' Grows 3x3
Abelia g. 'Robert' Grows 3x3

Abelia g. 'Rose Creek'

A great flowering small shrub providing months of bloom.??

$6.00? A few available now in 1 gallon

  • 3 x 3
  • Sun-part sun
  • Summer-fall
  • Semi-evergreen
Beauty Berry Bush- showing fall berries
Beauty Berry Bush- showing fall berries

Callicarpa b. (Beauty Berry Bush)

A great low maintenance shrub for just about anywhere on the landscape that can handle its size and spread.

$5.00 Available Now

  • Grows 3x4' or more
  • summer flowers followed by purple berries
  • Sun or part shade
Hydrangea m. 'All Summer Beauty'
Hydrangea m. 'All Summer Beauty'

Hydrangea 'All Summer Beauty'

All Summer Beauty hydrangea is a long blooming variety.


  • long season of bloom
  • pink or blue
  • 3-4'
  • Part sun


Senna is a large growing perennial herb.? It is a native too and considered endangered in some areas.

This is the plant that is used for a laxative (sennakot)

1-2 gallon pot $5.00 2 LEFT

  • sun or part shade
  • moist soil
  • grows 3-5' tall

Mimosa Tree
Mimosa Tree


Beautiful and fragrant, I won't be without a mimosa tree in my yard.? Loved by butterflies and hummingbirds, when these trees are in bloom, the show is spectacular...and on a humid evening, the graceful tree's spicy fragrance fills the air.

These trees are considered by some to be invasive; even weeds.? But to me, they are worth the extra trouble.

Mimosa trees are very fast growing and can attain 6' or more in one season.??

Available Now 1 gallon $8.00 AVAILABLE

  • Grows fast up to 25'
  • Sun or a little shade
  • Can be short-lived
  • Avoid damaging trunk or pruning without thinking
  • Loved by hummingbirds and butterflies